Green Lobster Recording

Vintage and analog bliss in a two-story, four-room daylight recording facility
70m2 recording room, upright piano, Fender Rhodes, vintage amps, Yamaha drums.
Martin Audio PA, movable mixer and headphone amps, custom modular acoustic walls.
Analog mix room with Trident 80 console, Neumann KH420, Auratone and Ruark monitors and lots of vintage outboard.
Extremely flexible, 100% analog multichannel monitoring system.
Second Control Room for smaller budgets, with Studer console, great preamps and Benchmark/RME/SSL converters. Great acoustics, Monitors are Neumann KH310 and NS10.
Cinema corner with rear projection canvas and surround HiFi, vis-a-vis the Trident 80 and wired as recording space for a lofty¬† “American Bar” recording situation.
Studio cabin, for drums, percussion, amps, vocals etc. Designed by Peter Willensdorfer. Instruments from Gretsch, Latin Percussion, Yamaha, Tama etc.
Fully modular routing: All patchbays, devices, stageboxes, signal splitters and the monitoring system are hardwired to a custom central Lemo patchfield.

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