Routing and patchbays

Central patchbay:

custom designed and built with 700 gold-coated Lemo 0.S coaxial sockets
quick bridge normalizing for default setups

20 transformer based Neumann signal splitters
Allen&Heath wz3 16->12 monitor mixer
12ch headphone amps
Martin PA and monitor outs
24+8 ch Saloon stagebox
12+4 ch Saloon stagebox
16 ch Saloon stagebox
62 ch Control Room A tielines
32 ch Control Room B tielines
8+8 insert box

Control Room A patchbays:

2×32 ch Lemo triax 0.S coaxial sockets
superclean mastering patchbay

Neve 33609, API2500, Trakker, GSSL buscomp,
Knif Soma, ProReplica Pultecs
Forssell Converters
Studer A810 tape machine
IJ crm Monitor controller

Clean 1000x tt-phone patchfield,
4×96 modules in addition to the upgraded Trident 80 patchbay

Trident 80
12+28 ch outboard
24+8 ch Control Room A stagebox
12+4 ch Cinema Spot stagebox
16+4 ch Cabin stagebox
2×48 ch outboard and converters
2×24 ch mastering patchbay bridge
2×48 ch monitor submix in
16 ch mon submix out
16 ch custom signal distr.amps
16 ch FX submix in
12 ch FX submix out
16+6 Speck XSum
4 ch crm Monitor Controller
16 ch 1/4″ jack stagebox
Behringer PMS in

Control Room B

384 point tt-phone patchbay, normalled

32 ch Saloon tielines
8 ch cabin tielines
Studer 089 MkII
Focusrite ISA 828
SSL Alpha
16+8 Control Room B stagebox
24 ch 1/4″ jacks for keyboards
Ghielmetti matrix, V672 summing amps
Benchmark AD and DA converters
2×16 ch outboard




Neumann U 87
Neumann U87i
Neumann KM 84
Neumann TLM 103
Neumann/Gefell CMV 563, M7s and M55k
2 Neumann/Gefell CMV 563+M8 capsules
Gefell M582
2 Brüel&Kjaer 4007
2 DPA 4015 matched pair
2 DPA 4058 clip mics
2 Schöps CMC 6 / MK 5
2 Sennheiser MKH 40
2 Sennheiser MD 421 MKII
Sennheiser MD 421 Blackfire
2 Sennheiser MD 421 beige
2 Sennheiser MD 441
Sennheiser MKH 70
2 Sennheiser Profipower MD431
AKG 414 EB with CK12
2 AKG 414 B-ULS II matched pair
2 AKG 480, 2 ck61, ck3, ck5
2 AKG 460, 2 ck61
2 AKG D190
AKG D202
AKG C409
2 Shure SM57
Shure SM7
AKG D112
3 Grundig GDSM200 (~Sennh.MD409)
Brauner Phantom Mil.Edition
Electrovoice N/D-468
2 Revox M3500
Oktava MKL 2500 LD
crown PZM mic
crown clip mic
crown SASS




Trident 80 36/24/2, lots of custom modifications,
incl.2bus and 24 additional Trident TSM Series equalizers
Studer 089 MkII Broadcast console from 1976, refurbished
custom Ghielmetti matrix w/ Telefunken V672 summing amplifiers
Speck XSum for effect returns
Allen&Heath wz3 16/12 for effect sends
Mackie 16 channel, Behringer PMS, 10*MicroMIX
Soundcraft FX16II
Soundcraft Delta 400



Outboard Equipment

Knif Soma EQ
2 Crane Song Trakker
Neve 33609 j/d
Api 2500
2 Pro Replica PEQ-1 (Pultec clones)
Retro Sta Level
Tegeler Audiomanufaktur PEQ-1
Urei 1178 Rev F
Urei 1178 – Jim W. mod
1176 mnats – Rev D
Electro Harmonics NY2a
ISA 828 with A/D
2 TAB V72a
3 TAB V376
4 Telefunken V672
Millenia HV3r
Drawmer 1968 ME
Orban 424 A Comp
Orban 622 B EQ
2 Empirical Labs DerrEsser
2 DBX 903 (silver) Compressor
2 DBX 903 (gold) ”
2 DBX 902 De-esser
DBX 904 Noise Gate
DBX 929 Stereo Denoiser
2 Aphex Compellor
1 Aphex Expressor
Black Lion Audio am/cha1
SPL Transient Designer
3 Neumann V442 Splitter
2 ProLine V1542 Splitter
4 WSW germanium line amps
Eventide H3000 (Complete Upgrade)
Orban 111b spring reverb
Ensoniq DP4+
Lexicon PCM91
TC M3000
Telefunken Echomixer spring reverb
Sherman Filterbank II



Forssell Tech MADA 2
Benchmark ADC and DAC
Digidesign 96 IO – Black Lion mod
2 SSL X-Logic Alpha – Black Lion mod
ISA 828 – A/D extension
Metric Halo MIO 2882
Focusrite Octopre
Focusrite Saffire Pro 40

Telefunken M15a 2″ 24 channel heads
Studer A810 1/4″ 2 channel butterfly heads




Quested V3110
Neumann KH310
Auratone sound cube 5c
KRK 9000b
Klein und Hummel O 110
Yamaha NS10
Event 2020
Bluesky Mediadesk 5.1
Ruark Sabre 5.1 – Arcam P1000 – MJ Subwoofer
IJ Research CRM passive monitor controller
Sound Sculptor passive Monitor Controller
SPL Surround Monitor Controller, upgraded

Acoustic 270 amp
Acoustic model 406 box
Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue
Roland Jazz Chorus 120
RCF floor monitors
Martin PA with subs
Marshall Transistor + Leslie Style Box