The Green Lobster Recording Studios

Vintage analog bliss in a two-story, four-room daylight recording facility

Control Room A and Cinema
Fast and flexible analog mix room with Quested monitors, Trident 80 console and lots of outboard. The Trident is modded to inline-workflow, prepared to record while mixing, 100% analog or to highend converters. All analog processors at the push of a button, making mix decisions easy and fast.
Discrete 48->16 ch monitoring matrix for individual headphone mixes in all rooms. Zero latency.
On the other side of the Trident: HiFi listening spot, video projector with rear projection canvas and 5.1 surround sound. The place is wired as recording space. For overdubs, Jazz sessions, electronic project recordings.

Control Room B
Dedicated to flexibility, this room is for externals, engineers, producers. 384 point tt-phone patchbay makes multiple setups possible. From straight DAW recording to mixing in the Studer 089 or over custom V672 summing matrix. 34 channels of AD/DA conversion, all rooms and sockets can be interconnected. Some nice outboard gear and and optional 1/4″ A810 tape recorder. Monitoring: Neumann KH310, NS10.

Close to Control Room B, 70m2 recording room. Mellow but controlled acoustics, nice view through large windows. Martin Audio PA, movable mixer and headphone amps. Custom built modular acoustic walls, upright piano, fender rhodes, yamaha drums.
Custom built Lemo patchbay. All patchbays, Saloon stageboxes, Neumann signal splitters and the monitoring system hardwired to one patchfield. It enables complete reallocation of a recording setup from one room to another while leaving the individual setups untouched.

Dry and open sounding recording cabin, for drums, percussion, amps, vocals etc. Design by Peter Willensdorfer.
With daylight and direct view to Control Room B, 16+8 patchbay, Gretsch drums etc.

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