Corona Specials

Just do it! As long as one single person is allowed to move his sick ass 1.5km by bike and work alone in a closed room – One of us will be able to MIX.

Now here is the deal: You guys have tracks to finish? Send them to us. Corona discount is 25% – limited offer (cough). We have a NextCloud server for file handling, mixdown of a 16 track recording usually takes 2-3 hours, unless the footage is really bad. As much as we would love to meet you personally and record you here, we are happy to work on whatever you send us. Let’s talk about flat rates if it’s more than just one song.

  • Format: 44.1-96kHz, 24 or 32 bit stereo for mastering, multitrack for mixing.
  • No FX, no masters, no processing before you send them.
  • Turn faders to zero, so we get decent levels.
  • Upload to our NextCloud server.

We continue to mix as much as possible in the analogue domain – “We’re no computers, we’re physical!” (Blade Runner)

You’ll never get the liveliness and warmth from plugins, no matter what anybody tells you. ‘Schwöre oida.