Mixdown and Mastering

The Trident 80 we use for mixing is unique. We upgraded the preamps to sound sweet and open, removed well-known bottlenecks in signal flow and routing, classical EQs and channels are extended with unbelievable 70s modules from (A-Range successor) TSM series, gain-staging is optimized for parallel processing and super fast workflow, and we added discrete Neumann, Telefunken and Lawo summing amplifiers that can be relay-switched on the fly for a choice of four discrete console flavors.

Outboard and mastering tools include UREI, API, Neve, Knif, Crane Song, Telefunken, EMT, Eventide, Orban, Gyraf, Ensoniq, Lexicon…
Converters from Digidesign, SSL, Forssell…
Studer & Telefunken Tape and lots of other beautiful pieces of equipment –
all very chosen for musicality and in well-maintained condition.

We recommend you hear this incredibly warm and open sounding setup in action.