Green Lobster Room Rentals

Producers, Engineers, Musicians: You have got

– Customers and projects that require a “pro” work environment
– Experience with recordings and equipment
– Not enough space/equipment at your home studio or in the rehearsal room you usually use for productions

You are in search of
– A fully equipped control room with nice “club” style acoustics, – 70m2 daylight recording room
– perfect drums-, instrumental and vocal cabin, flexible monitoring and routing
– consulting/expertise that reflects decades of experience with recording setups and production workflows, in various genres of music

You’d love to work with
– An awesome collection of modern and vintage microphones&preamps
– Studer console preamps/EQs from 1976, classical outboard and beautiful vintage instruments and amplifiers
– extremely flexible cabling&routing over tt-phone and LEMO patchbays for the whole studio right at your hands

Scalable and at reasonable rates. With or without engineer: