Trident 80 extended patchbay

Recording, Mixdown, Mastering


Recording sessions are available in all scales:
From “full house” recording in Control Room A, with all rooms attached, to simple vocal overdub sessions in Control Room B. All areas are interconnected and routing is very flexible. A collection of rare microphones, preamps and high-end converters is available. We can record directly to tape, if desired. Flawless workflow and an inspired recording atmosphere guaranteed.




Mixing with our setup and in the analog domain is different to digital mixing on a computer. Intuitive mixing is much easier if every device is always visible and at hand, in contrary to plugins that are to be used one at a time, and usually with one finger only 😉
Fader riding is done “live” though, and therefore no mix can be recalled entirely. Magic happens in the moment, it’s like a live performance.





We house musical and acclaimed gear for mastering, with attention to comfort your mix with analog sweetness. High-end Forssell converters and Lemo connectors retain very high signal quality during this stage.

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