All rooms get 100% daylight.
We used 2cm security glass and custom acryl reflectors to avoid the acoustic issues that ordinary windows would cause.
Quiet and good sounding rooms that let the sun in.



Control Room A
The concept of this room is for multiple use.
We created a mixing area with our custom Trident console,
outboard effects and a direct window to the Cabin.
Acoustics are optimized while keeping the lofty feeling of this very open room.
The space is divided through the Trident and the speaker stands,
in front of a rolled large back projection canvas for the video projector.
This, as well as the HiFi surround system,
is located in the other half of the room:








Chillout and Cinema

This is for use as a space to just watch a movie and chill,
listening to a production on a HiFi-System,
but also as a warm and clear sounding recording space
for acoustic instruments or keyboards.








Control Room B

This room is for rent!
It is a fully equipped control room with very clean acoustics,
Studer 089 MkII 15ch console
Focusrite ISA, Millennia, V376 preamps
Ghielmetti/Telefunken custom summing bus
state-of-the-art monitoring,
high end converters and preamps,
nice outboard
384 point patchbay
and a stagebox/keyboard connectors for project recordings.





The Saloon

Being the center of the studio, this room is special.
Warm, controlled and jazzy livingroom acoustics,
effect lights and custom mobile acoustic walls.

A refurbished and tuned Young Chang upright piano,
Fender Rhodes MkII, drums from Yamaha, Tama, Mapex
and a couple of nice vintage amplifiers.

PA is a very vibey and powerful one from Martin Audio.
We have installed a movable monitor mixer for flexibility.





The Cabin

This is a near to perfect recording room.
Resonance-free but not muffled,
for drums and percussions, amps, vocals etc.
(Designed by Peter Willensdorfer)